Game and Nature Reserve

Angke Kapuk Nature Park: Natural Park (TWA) is a nature conservation area which is used for nature tourism activities and centered on the development of Ecotourism. The area of ??TWA Angke Kapuk area of ??99.82 hectares and has a type of wetland dominated the main mangrove vegetation. The region had turned into ponds and has been in rehabilitation of mangrove plants back as much as 40 percent. Action and preservation and replanting of mangrove forests in Jakarta is needed because the functions and benefits are very strategic to the coast of the Indonesian capital. Its function is to prevent the intrusion of sea water into land and play a role in reducing flood because one gram of mud is able to absorb three grams of water.

Sea World Indonesia or also known Sea World Ancol is a marine aquarium suited in North Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. It consists of 1 Main tank, 1 shark tank, and several other tanks, also the white crocodile exhibit. The Main tank of the Sea World Ancol is the biggest aquarium in the Southeast Asia. Sea World Ancol was closed at September 2014 but since 17 July 2015 has been reopened to the public. Image Map